I almost forgot, I have also been making my own sweaters, so those will be added on here as well but in the form of outfits and I will let you know when it is one that I made versus one that I bought. Have a great week everyone, I will be back on Sunday with another update!!!


First Week of School

Finally!!!! School begins again!!! So I decided to treat myself today to some fun blog posting. First some outfits.

This first outfit was a fun one.
The blanket scarf was from my Aunt as part of her Christmas gift to me, so were the top and shoes. The scarf was 3 dollars, the shoes were 4 dollars and the white top was 2.

The jacket was something I bought awhile ago and I got it for only 12 dollars while it was originally 60.

I think they blend well together.


I also spoiled myself with some new makeup brushes, since my old ones started dying on my. Also, that is the nail polish I plan to wear for the week (sorry for the blurry picture…. 😦 ). I’ll probably start taking the nail polish pictures in front of one of the two adorable bird pictures my Aunt gave me, I love them so much. 100_0540100_0545


Outfits 2 and 3 both use the same hat, pants and shoes which is why those have been put as the first image.

The hat was 3, the boots were a gift from my amazing boyfriend and they were 20 dollars. He is amazing and he always supports my outfit choices and helps me plan what goes well together, but he will be honest if it doesn’t work, which I love immensely. The poncho was a gift from his Aunt and I adore it.

Then the floral top was part of my boyfriend’s Christmas gift to me and it was 2-3 dollars I believe. 100_0546100_0554100_0548100_0550


This last outfit was a generous gift from my boyfriend’s mom, but he helped approve everything to make sure it fit my tastes. So sweet, I love it. The lace detail and lace up back is super cute, but what really awed me was the floral print. She got me other things as well that will appear when the weather gets warmer since they are dresses and a really nice pair of red wine/ purple colored pants that I always love to match with the boots she got me last year for Christmas. Such an amazing and thoughtful soul. 100_0551100_0552100_0553

My mom was also generous enough to let me use two of our half off coupons to Value World, my mom is amazing and I truly appreciate her for all that she does. The reason why there are only four outfits is because I only go to class 3 days a week, and I have the fourth for encase I do things on the 2 days I am off. Keep being stylish everyone, it feels good to be back.

I’m Back!!!

Sorry guys!!! I know it has been awhile, but I was really focusing on work and school for awhile there, but I am back with more thrifted outfits for you. My most recent items were gifts from my boyfriend and my Aunt who both treated me to thrift adventures this holiday season. I am also started classes again which means I will actually be wearing outfits besides work clothes again.
I know I didn’t update you guys a lot last semester and I am super sorry for that, but I promise, I have a lot of fun stuff for you guys to see. Missed you all and I hope you’re all doing well. I apologize again for my absence. I also wanted to get a nice build up for my 25 dollar thrift challenges, but since I don’t go every month, I tend to splurge when I do go… I also left the price tags on for you guys this time, so whatever price is on there it was half off, I did take the price tag off of some items because they were bought awhile ago and I wanted to wear them. All of the items I received have been from ValueWorld. Have a great night and day everyone, I will begin to update this blog again probably on Sundays, so I will post all 5 outfits for the week on Sundays. 🙂

Outfit of the Day

So it is back to school time!!! I am aiming for a cute yet modest look. I know I am not wearing the clothes, but I promise, once I get back into the flow of classes I will make time for it. Sadly, I didn’t photograph today’s look because I was honestly too tired when I got home, but here is tomorrows.

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Thrift Adventures

My boyfriend and I went thrifting again. He got some dvds and I got some cute sweaters for when fall finally arrives. However, for now, I will be doing an OOTD. Fall started early for me. :p

My boyfriend took the pictures for me. I know I said i’d start posting the outfits on, but by the time we got home it was just too late. I made my own laces for the boots and I also added on the top detail. They used to be thigh high boots that I cute down to knee length. Sorry if the room is a bit messy. I didn’t have time to tidy up since I wanted to get pictures and go to sleep. I promise the next outfits from here on out will actually be of me wearing them.

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Thrift update!!!!

Yay, finally!!! I decided to only share recently bought items instead of trying to share my whole closet. I am trying the photos in a slideshow this time. Please excuse the stuff on my desk, my cat sneaking into the photo, and the socks that my cat decided to bring on the bed. I will try to get better at taking pictures. I just have to find a better background. I might start taking outfits when I am wearing the clothing instead then just cropping out my face. I think it will help tie the outfits together more. Plus you will be able to see more of my outfits/clothes that way. Opinions? Have a great night everyone.

I got everything in this for under $25. All came from Value World or Goodwill.

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Outfit of the Day for after work

So I work tonight, but I planned out my outfit for tomorrows Thrift trip with my boyfriend. ❤ We are going to two thrift stores that I have never been to (because they are by his house), and it was his idea, so it should be fun. The goal is to be comfortable, but to also be able to try stuff on quickly. However, I also like to look as well dressed as possible for all occasions. Also, sorry for the cat hair, but that happens when you have pets. 😀


The shoes were a gift from my mom. The blouse was a dollar from Plato’s Closet, and the shorts were 3 dollars from Plato’s Closet.


I’ll get a better background for my outfit/ thrift hauls soon as well. I will also be going back to school in the fall, so I will do outfit of the day for you guys.

I got a camera!!!

Okay, it’s photo time! So as I mentioned in the previous post, I went on a $25 Thrift Haul!!! These are the items that are washed, the others are in quarantine for the rest of the month. This is over 2 trips, so the total is going to be around 60. I went a little over the second trip. Plus I will be going thrifting with my boyfriend on Thursday, so I hope I find some quality stuff.
The first installment is $19.00!
The green cold shoulder top was 2 dollars
the shoes were 3 dollars
the purse was 2 dollars
the shorts were 2 dollars.
The “Paris” shirt was 50 cents
the shoes were 2 dollars
purse was 2 dollars and fifty cents,
The white crop top was 1 dollar
the shoes were 2 dollars
The crop top was 2 dollars
strap black sandals were a gift from my boyfriend
The vintage heels were free.


If there is anything else you guys would like to see, please let me know. If you want to see an outfit challenge or fashion style challenge, let me know. I can do a goth challenge, bohemian, preppy, and so on. Just ask, and I will try my best.

$25 Bohemian Thrift Challenge

Hello! It has been a long time since I made a post, mostly because it had been a long time since I went thrifting. I decided to challenge myself and do the $25 thrifting challenge so here are the spoils.

I’ll post styling pictures later. I need to style the outfits first and get pictures, but I am very proud of all of my purchases. I got tops for 1-4 dollars, a purse for 59 cents (another for 6 dollars. I even got free tops and free shoes. I wish I could include prices once I take pictures but I took off some of the price tags so clothes could be washed, others will be in storage for the rest of the month.

I am also going to New York for 4 days in July of this year with my bf and his family. So if you want OOTD pictures from my trip just let me know.

I am also super sorry about my lack of posting, hopefully I will get a camera soon that will work for photos.